An A-Z of brands that use poetry in advertising

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I’ve posted about poetry in advertising before; I enjoy spotting the use of poetry in ad campaigns and I’m so alert to it now that I’ve compiled almost a complete alphabet of brands who’ve taken the poetic approach!

From Apple to Zalando, these brands have used original poems and old favourites to get their messages across; can you spot the work of Dylan Thomas, E.E. Cummings, John Keats, Maya Angelou, Rudyard Kipling, Walt Whitman and William Ernest Henley in the mix? There are also a couple of famous faces to look out for (including Jake Gyllenhaal and Idris Elba for the ladies!).

Most of these adverts have aired in the UK within the last few years but there are a couple from other countries to make up the numbers; they’re still brands you’ll recognise though. And please be patient – the page may take a little while to load all 26 videos. Enjoy!

A is for… Apple

See also: Apple Mac Behind the MacApple iPad Homework, Aldi Make Father’s Day AmazingAsda Bring It Home

B is for… BBC

See also: Barker & Stonehouse Winter Sale, Betfred Kick Back & Bingo

C is for… Calvin Klein

See also: Cathedral City Slice of BritainCoca-Cola The Wonder of Us, Confusion to Clarity and the Co-op Great Things Happen When We Work Together

D is for… Deliveroo

See also: Dove Baby Dove

E is for… ellaOne

F is for… Ford

G is for… giffgaff

See also: Gillette Best Men, Gillette Venus #UseYourAndGumtree The Neighbourhood’s Good

H is for… Hive

I is for… Ibis


See also: Iceland Rang-tan, Invictus Games Unconquered

J is for… Johnnie Walker

See also: Jeep Renegade

K is for… Kodak

See also: Kellogg’s Women Eat

L is for… Levi’s

See also: Levi’s America (Go Forth)Levi’s 501, Land Rover Never Stop Discovering, Lidl Big On

M is for… Microsoft

See also: Magners Now Is A Good TimeMcCain Happy DaysMcDonalds Just Passing By

N is for… New Look

See also: Nando’s PERInaise, Nationwide Voices, Nike Dream Crazier

O is for… O2

P is for… Plusnet

See also: Persil Dirt is GoodPetits Filous Free Play and Philips Sonicare Next Level Clean.

Q is for… Quiksilver

See also: Quiksilver Awakens The Spirit

R is for… Royal Navy

See also: Red Tractor Above the Line, Richmond Proud To Be The Nation’s Favourite

S is for… Sainsbury’s

See also: SEAT Be the voice, not the echo, Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Awareness

T is for… Toyota

U is for… Under Armour

V is for… Vodafone

See also: Visa One moment can change the game

W is for… Waitrose

See also: Wagamama From Bowl To Soul, Walkers 70 Years, Walt Disney World

X is for… Xbox

Y is for… Yahoo

See also: YouTube Music

Z is for… Zalando

Have you spotted any other poetry adverts that aren’t featured here (or in one of my other posts about poetry in advertising)? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

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